Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Today I got two job offers. One is for Wednesday and Friday, courtesy of a manual labor temp agency I applied to months ago. This is for security training. I am not a trainee, mind you. I play the part of a terrorist and get the shit kicked out of me for $14 an hour. I need to be there at 1 PM, they then arrange for my transport 3 hours away, paying for one direction, and I imagine I'll be back in Lacey at 3 AM, if my understanding is correct. Hopefully I will get a ride back to Olympia from a coworker.

Thursday, at 9:45 AM, I do some moving. I don't know how much I will get paid, but I imagine big bucks. This is because professional movers: kind of a scam.

I ordered the new Broken Social Scene record, along with the new Acme Novelty Library Pantheon hardcover just now. Also, last night I heard the Theater Of The New Ear plays written by the Coen brothers and Charlie Kaufman. The Charlie Kaufman play is particularly strong.

This time Saturday, I will have stories to tell. Classes at Evergreen start next week.

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