Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So I just went and reread some older entries and wow, this thing used to be a lot more entertaining. A lot more angst-filled as well, but I'm considering that bit, the whole "portrait of Brian as a neurotic college Freshman" to be more entertaining than the whole "true tales of my boring life" thing.

The reason I was looking at old entries was to find a copy of this short, one-page love story thing I had written and reread it. It mostly sucks, but so does that Erica Bleeds thing mentioned in my last entry. Let's be charitable and say my writing is just hit and miss.

But, huh, yeah, I guess that's good, the lack of the neuroses, now. I guess this comes down to living with friends in what I call "the pirate ship life." It drains the perpetual nervousness and the "everyone hates me" right out.

Class tomorrow, at night. I wonder how that'll turn out.

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