Friday, September 09, 2005

And oh man, it seems like I'm starting to see people talk more shit on philosophers, including favorite of piss-poor college professors Foucalt. Plus I saw message board kids talking shit on Plato and Socrates and yes yes yes. It'll never be a total backlash because the pretentious kids will forever be down but yeah what I want is solidarity and I am getting solidarity.

Live your life logically and nicely and never quote philosophers to back up an argument. I occasionally quote the idea that Nietzche once said that everytime you laugh, that's a part of your soul that's died. An idea I don't even completely believe, but find interesting and humorous. That's pretty much it. All the rest of my philosophy talk is based on logic and saying shit I think is obvious. Some people might think this makes me look dumb. Haha to them.

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