Monday, September 12, 2005

I had this dream where Johnny Cash did a version of Folsom Prison Blues that was just covered in fuzz and noise. It was really cool. Someone I know should make that song a reality.

Good year for music, this 2005. Seems like every other thing I download is all powerful guitar rocking (Not guitar rocking like riffs and classic rock or even indie with the treble, but a thickness and a distortion to this huge sound like of the Boredoms/MBV type, the kind we call next-level shit around these parts) kind of verging on psychedelia: Serena Maneesh, The Psychic Paramount, and just now, the new Modey Lemon record. This is probably abated by other stuff which isn't like that, but is noisy in its own way, like the new Black Dice, and the new Jason Forrest.

So like imagine that crossed with Folsom Prison Blues and sleep.

More people will be in Olympia shortly. Financial aid hopefully soon. Nothing ever came together, but things are improving nonetheless.

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