Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I received two job offers today. And I can do both jobs. This is what they are:

On Wednesday and Friday, courtesy of this manual labor temp agency, I will be used in security training. I will not be in training to be a security guard, mind you, I will be what people demonstrate on. I will be playing the part of a terrorist and getting beat up, basically, for $14 an hour. I need to be in Lacey by 1 PM, they pay for the three hours of transit to the place of unknown destination, but not for the ride back, which I believe would begin around midnight. Hopefully I'll be able to get a ride back to Olympia. Otherwise I will be waiting around until the buses start running again.

On Thursday, at 9:45 AM, I'll be helping a moving company move an old woman's stuff into storage. I don't know how much money this will get me, but I imagine the big bucks because oh man professional movers are kind of a scam.

Hope and pray for my safety kids. This time Saturday I will have stories to tell.

With this promised influx of cash money, I bought the new Broken Social Scene record (with bonus EP) and The Acme Novelty Library Report To Stockholders etc. hardcover, out October 4th and tomorrow respectively. This is a sign of getting too cocky but whatever. Classes start next week.

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