Thursday, September 22, 2005

So last night I did the most ridiculous job ever, received courtesy of the manual labor temp agency. I got in a van and rode four and a half hours to central Washington, (beautiful area, by the way) where there's an airport. Then me and some other temps were dressed in Arab garb ("man-dresses" as it was put my the boss people) and armed with M-16s loaded with blanks as part of some army training thing.

I was supposed to be paid 14 dollars an hour, but transport was nine hours for which I was paid for three, and the work bit (which was mostly just waiting in the cold- I did maybe five minutes worth of acting, most of which was pretending to be dead. I did not fire my weapon.) I was paid for eight hours out of nine, because of a strictly theoretical lunch break. After taxes, I made like six bucks an hour. And had a day of my life (1 PM to 7 AM) sucked away by the military-industrial complex. I will not be returning.

And this morning I did some moving for ten bucks an hour. I haven't really slept, besides a few snatches of nap grabbed on the job in discomfort and cold.

Before I did any work, and was just going with these offers, I ordered the Chris Ware Acme Novelty Library hardcover from Pantheon and the new Broken Social Scene album with bonus EP from

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