Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Paul Thomas Anderson is working on an adaptation of an Upton Sinclair novel. He's also apparently assistant directing Robert Altman's movie of Garrison Keilor's The Prairie Home Companion, and he's supposedly really involved in the production, as Altman doesn't get around too good anymore. I'm down for both movies, despite my reservations about the source material. (And Altman, actually.) Dude also got Maya Rudolph knocked up.

The next Terry Gilliam movie, Tideland, is done and on the festival circuit. It's getting bashed, but in a way that still makes me want to see it. The criticisms are different than those being thrown at The Brothers Grimm: complaints of self-indulgence and a dark tone, as opposed to being compromised. People bitched about Fear And Loathing too. People know nothing.

In my last blog post, I might imply that the new Modey Lemon album is more awesome than it actually is. It has its moments, although it's sometimes kind of dumb. It fits with the other stuff I mention it in the same context as, although those records are better.

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