Monday, January 31, 2005

Two nights ago, Alex, Loren, and I attempted to write/practice the music to another Art Project song. I felt really strongly about the theories behind it, and I'll maintain the component parts were solid. When combined it all went horribly awry and sounded like utter shit. I kind of don't know where it all went wrong, although I'm placing most of the blame on my shitty guitar line. (Part of the idea was that I'd write a guitar line and perform it... And although I said earlier that the component parts were strong, and people were all "it's kind of Pixies-ish" and understood that it was meant to be angular and dissonant it really was the weakest element...) Deterred? Yeah, kind of, but... I don't know, I stand by a lot of it and hopefully the whole thing will be completed by the end of the week. The fact that I am an idea guy and the Art Project is an idea band I think gives us an edge over other ventures headed up by non-idea people.

Also to be completed by the end of the week: Short story I'm writing now, (current title is For Those Who Lived It) some kind of essay for my Saturday class, One Hundred Years Of Solitude, and maybe maybe Camus' The Plague. Got a hundred pages of Marquez to finish tomorrow and then I'll enter Camus country, but that book is considerably thicker than The Stranger.

February 24th is Mt. Eerie and The Evens (Ian Mackaye's new band) at Eagles Hall for $5.

Oh and the YACHT dude what did The Blow Poor Aim EP much beloved around these parts will be doing her next full-length too, and it'll be called Hit Factory or somesuch wacky thing. And apparently the next Sleater-Kinney record will sound different from their other stuff. It's their Sub Pop debut and produced by Dave Fridmann. The Low Sub Pop debut that Dave Fridmann produced is kind of alright.

Here at headquarters we are excited by the leaks of the new Prefuse 73 and Books albums. If I end up talking to Phil Elvrum at that show I will either encourage him to collaborate with the Books or just tell him my weird logic comedy bit about how I imagine live shows with Bill Gates in his band on weather-controlling device. None of these things will go over well probably but if we don't try to ingratiate ourselves to people based on little more than how nice it would be were we in their good graces, there would be no more human reproduction.

And now you're all "well sure Brian I suppose that that is technically true but that is talking about male-female interaction, and does not really apply to nerd-musician interaction at all really" and then I guess I have to be like "well shit shit I guess it's ego and the constant urge to be validated but do I go to your work and slap the dick out of your mouth?" and then you walk away shocked at the completely unnecessary rage that you provoked, but hey you know what: if any of you were prostitutes I probably would slap the dick out of your mouth and say "HEY! You're better than that, you don't have to suck cock for money" and you'd be all "Wow asshole, way to run my life, I don't come to your work/house and slap the dick out of your mouth" and then I'd be offended, because I mean fuck, I was just trying to show some concern, and I don't see how that makes me a whore.

It is late in the evening, in case you couldn't tell. Oh and if I talk to Ian MacKaye I will talk to him about the bands Horses and Flowers, formed by dudes who used to be in Black Eyes. I will do this because I imagine many people have already asked about the next Fugazi record and if he heard the new Soft Pink Truth record and if so what did he think of the Minor Threat cover, but who asks about Black Eyes? No one, probably, but that could be me thinking my thoughts are special thoughts when they are in fact not special thoughts.

Luckily for these people I probably will not end up talking to them, but will instead sit around making jokes about the other people at the show who I don't know with the small circle of people at the show that I do know.

Oh boy sleep, that's where I'm a viking, and by viking, I of course mean "person who has sex."

Goddamn right this is a character assassination just because I usually am just all "records I downloaded for free and didn't pay for weren't very good" doesn't mean I can't let loose with the vaguely comedic self-loathing when 3 AM rolls around.

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