Saturday, January 08, 2005

Woke up hot and thirsty slightly before 5 AM. I've got class at 9 on a Saturday...

I didn't post what was going on with school, did I?

I didn't get in. I might be kind of fucked. I'm going to try to take a Saturday class for four credits. This isn't enough for financial aid and housing, so I'm going to try to get an independent contract for anywhere from 4-16. I don't know if that'll work because it's late in the game. Maybe I'll be fucked and maybe things will work out okay.

I guess I thought I was going to blog about music criticism and stuff. I hope to write some decent pieces for the contract. There's the beginning of a piece about Lifter Puller/The Hold Steady on my computer now. I was going to type up something now about rockism and how it relates to pop/hip hop. I will simply present the facts now and not try to work them into a coherent whole: In recent months, I've seen two musical performances on Saturday Night Live by two different acts whose major singles are produced by the Neptunes. One of which was grotesque in its not-even-kinda-being-played-live-ness. Drums just don't fucking sound like that. The other was considerably more interesting visually, and deviated from the album version and was being played with real live instruments. These two acts will remain unnamed. But: the second, less artificial performance was of a song that got some critical acclaim from rock critics, while the former artist is viewed as a joke about shitty hip-hop that's overly poppy. The reason the two are unnamed is to separate the invested from the not-so-much. Really, you can work this out in your head if you even kind of want to.

Right now I'm listening to the LCD Soundsystem full-length. Long story short is that it's better than The Rapture's Echoes. When it ends I'm going back to bed.

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