Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My wisdom teeth are coming in at an angle. I don't remember what the dentist had to say when he looked at my x-rays. I remember it not cohering in my mind, and it seemed like they might have been speaking to soon. The plan was for them to be removed over Christmas break, but I would've had to have made the appointment before then, which I didn't know until I brought it up to my mom, and so, the teeth remain. The angle they're coming in at doesn't impact my other teeth, but it does scrape against my mouth.

The nearest oral surgeon is in Bellevue. I can't get there, probably. Alex went in for his teeth not too long ago, it seemed pretty shitty. They gave him weak drugs then insisted they were strong. I can't swallow a pill because I am nine. Every time I tell this to people, they try to tell me how to swallow a pill. I know how to do it in theory. But: Maybe if I were to go, they would give me liquid painkiller? I know of only one liquid painkiller. It is very strong. Still: I can't get to the dentist, so it's a moot point.

Damns but I need to buy some things. Books, for one. Clothing, for another. A wallet. A can opener. The griddle I bought in September is warped.

Halfway through One Hundred Years Of Solitude. I am bothered by lack of themes of any tangibility, besides reoccuring traits in family, which is really not the most interesting thesis. The style's competent, there's a lot of characters. I don't know how I feel about it. I wish there were things going on thematically that I cared about.

Last night I worked out the story I'm writing currently, all the way through until the end, so the plot can actually do what I want to put forth. The teacher I'm having this contract with will probably not enjoy it... Protagonists are young people and they go around doing young people things.

Philadelphia football team's going to the Super Bowl. I doubt they will win. But I am rooting for them. I won't watch though. Unless. The Super Bowl can just be an excuse to eat buffalo wings and drink. Then other people will be down. The Oscars didn't nominate Eternal Sunshine for anything of note, and the categories it's nominated for it won't win. The only thing I like that will win any Oscars will be The Incredibles. The Oscars are shit. They don't get their own paragraph because I think of them much in the same way I think of the Super Bowl. I know that Oscar parties exist, but I don't know what they're like like I know what Super Bowl parties are like. I figure there's less beer and more wine. I imagine everyone just sits around being old and boring. Year-end best-of lists are better than awards because there's a smaller probability of being full of shit. And year-end best-of lists are always TOTALLY FULL OF SHIT.

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