Sunday, January 30, 2005

There is a new roommate living with us. He is a total goddamn mook.

"He spilled barbecue sauce in the kitchen, and really, I think that's just a metaphor for the whole situation, him living here."- Loren

"DRAGONBALL Z IS THE WORST SHIT EVER" - Alex, on AIM, later said by Loren in real life.

"Is college life like Animal House?"- The Mook, to Alex.

He wants to make the drum kit bigger. We're not sure whether or not he listens to Hoobastank, but we haven't ruled out that that could definitely happen.

He makes me uncomfortable, a sentiment that other people echoed, but was kind of undefined. The kind of uncomfortable you shouldn't have in your own home. All the esoterica and layers of irony that I take for granted that my roommates will understand I can't talk about for fear of having to explain. Kind of the same thing I felt when I lived with my parents, but worse because now there's other people around that I actually want to talk to.

He is dumb. "Dyslexic means backwards" he says, referring to Mega Man controls, after he said they were dyslexic.

He asked if people were into medieval reenactments in such a way that suggested that he is into them.

He saw that we had a Twin Peaks boxset and talked about it in terms of being an old show on ABC he never got into, rather than even kind of suggesting he knows who David Lynch is.

He writes screenplays, a fact which makes me think of the fictional Donald Kaufman rather than my "I'd like to write and direct my own films but I don't know how to direct" stance. He has a collection of Dragonball Z tapes, in case that wasn't made clear earlier.

This is an unpleasant development and we all want him to leave. Goddamn, there's enough drama as is without passive-aggressiveness thrown in. I desperately want to just be able to turn into that loud obnoxious self I get yelled at for being just so I can make it clear that we don't like him and don't want him around because we don't feel like we can be ourselves around him. Until then maybe people will pee/ejaculate into his shampoo.

There was a time where I had to define the term "mook" for Loren. When I did this, I came to the conclusion that mooks are the bane of my existence. Now Loren knows all too well the precise meaning of the word.

In other better news, Alex got on Netflix. That'll be rad.

Although, watching things that are funny/weird around people who don't get them? That is hell. It's fucking hell and I'm going to have to ignore it's the hell I'm living in right now.

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