Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hotmail expanded it's mailbox size not too long ago, so now it is absurdly big. I tend not to delete things as is, and this encourages that policy. I haven't deleted the e-mail exchanges I had with my last professor, in order to remind myself of what a truly evil fucker he was. Of course, the stuff I wrote, the amusing stuff, is gone. And his evil fucker stuff... It's like the banality of evil kind of thing. I'm not saying he's the kind of guy who'd vote for Hitler, because he is liberal. So with his liberalism established, I think that he might be the kind of guy who'd join a cult and allow his daughter to be raped by the cult leader. Either way, his e-mails, which were incredibly unhelpful and pretty much always bullshit, remain undeleted. You know, for laughs. Sooner or later I'm going to come across those again and delete them, because why dwell on that shit? But for now, they remain undeleted. It's an inevitability that they will be gone someday, when I decide to improve my life and become a better person.

Also: The drumkit in my living room is a terrible hellbeast. Drums are not very interesting in general, but rock drumming, in isolation, without any kind of polyrhythms or time changes or any kind of anything... Hoo, it is wearing. And loud. Loud as fuck and dull as grass growing. There are also sometimes songs that are played. Better in theory because it's not drum solos, but the same set of six (?) songs gets practiced every day. They are not very good songs. They are dull like drum solos, but with more going on.

God, but my Saturday class is shit. Fuck. My independent contract remains brilliant in theory but slow-going in practice. I wrote a thing about the John Barth book. I still need to do more fiction, but I am stalled and lacking in new ideas.

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