Sunday, January 30, 2005

More tales of bad roommate interaction, or, how to tell if someone is useless.

They say things like "I don't judge someone by their opinions."

They have bad, poorly-thought-out political opinions, esp. the kind that lead to not voting in favor of advocating anarchy.

They hate The Daily Show, and enjoy the comedy stylings of Denis Leary.

When asked who their favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan is, they become confused and say "I'm not familiar with that group." This is a question, by the way, of which most answers would be acceptable. "Method Man" is really the only wrong answer that someone might actually say. Even joke answers are acceptable, even if they are only made out of not knowing what you're talking about.

They express anger at the idea of inside jokes, even when faced with things that aren't inside jokes so much as they are conversational prompts, i.e. "Who's your favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan?"

They don't get jokes, even of the non-inside variety. Except, I suppose, those that Denis Leary make.

Denis fucking Leary.

Also: fucking Megadeath.

They say "this doesn't look like meat" when looking at falafel.

They talk about TV and how to watch it is American, or something.

Most of what they say doesn't really make any sense but seems like something someone dumb would say. This is the most golden of all rules in terms of judging someone as useless. If you need a concrete example of what I mean by this, think "I don't judge someone by their opinions."

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