Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I or someone else I live with really needs to buy floor soap because right now I'm just mopping with hot water which isn't doing shit and the mop is getting mildewy and spreading mildew around is probably worse than the peedrops that hang out around the front of the toilet.

This is one part note to myself, one part note to roommates, but I think it's a pretty accurate representation of my life and how I live it to those reading elsewhere.

Finished reading the Marquez but already wrote my comments in a letter and it would be cheap to reuse. Let it be known (throughout the land!) that I have read Marquez and am smart and literate and have a dick the size of a damned canoe. And maybe I can't compete with the people who've read Dostoevsky and have dicks the size of yachts, but surely I'm better than all those people who only read Tom Clancy and have dicks the size of vaginas.

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