Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today there were Netflix. We watched Mr. Show, laughed, and in doing so, got called racists by our new roommate who thought one bit went too far.

The bit in question was about Hitler clones becoming servants of Holocaust survivors as a reparation for the Holocaust.

It was hilarious. To us.

But to him? Offensive!

So we all got called racists. Including me, the Jew, and Evan, the Asian.

What minority is he, you ask? I didn't know. So I asked him if he was gay, or black. He said "No."

Then I pointed out that David Cross was Jewish. He maintained that the skit was racist.

Later on, during another Mr. Show skit, there was a reference to the Vonnegut novel Hocus Pocus. Alex said it was the only Vonnegut novel he had read. To which the new roommate replied "Not even Catcher In The Rye?"

So we set him on fire.

We also watched Dead Leaves, described by someone on the internet as the most bugfuck anime ever. It can also be described as next level shit. It's coherent kind of, in that it's largely a vehicle for extremely well-animated (but bugfuck insane!) violence propelled by annoying characters who you're supposed to think are badass for their attitude. It's poorly written. But it's good in the way that extremely violent japanese animation should be. It delivers on a certain level. Asking the characters to not be annoying as hell is almost asking too much, especially when you're asking for something to meet the incredibly vague criterion of being next-level shit. Dear lord, was it fun. I enjoyed it the most when none of the characters were talking, and they didn't really talk that much. It's the kind of violence that makes you giggle and go "holy shit" and "fucking awesome" to your friends that you watch it with. People who are into shit like Dragonball Z but not shit like Dead Leaves (like our new roommate, coincidentally) should be shot on principle.

Was the best thing about that last sentence how I used two different meanings of shit to prove my point and expected the reader to just read along and know what I meant by my tone, or when I talked about how my new roommate should be shot?

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