Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter Thompson died. I heard about it and just started contacting people I thought would care. My roommates were gone so I just called Star 69 and told the people who called the house last, while telling people over AIM. It was too much for me to really process, but I had to get it out. Then I walked the streets to tell other people in person, and on my way, I yelled the news to groups of people, who should've cared, but probably just thought I was insane.

It's weird to process things like this. I feel much the same way I did when ODB died, deaths that the news tends to bring out the insensitive "what-did-you-expect" side of people but I am deeply moved by. I'll feel better when the details come out. People who do shitloads of drugs but survive, and are entertaining about it, should live forever. Let's call it the Keith Richards rule, although if he were to die, I wouldn't give a shit. He's an old man. (Doing drugs doesn't kill people. Being awesome kills people.) Hunter Thompson was only 67. (He's the kind of guy that no matter how old he was, he would still only be that age.)

He also had a bit of that Johnny Cash old-man monument thing about him. These are people who live forever because they're old. But then they end up not living forever, as that is not how life works.

I wonder if there's a note, and I wonder how it reads if it exists, which is a weird thing to put on somebody.

I imagine cause of death having something to do with being in a house filled with guns while on drugs and seeing the things on the news. Which was the case for awhile. I don't know. When something's that inevitable, it seems like it'll be avoided after he's made it so long.

Reading other people's responses seem to postulate that he was just killing himself because that's the way he should die, rather than be claimed by old age, or cancer, which it seems likely he could've had.

I saw a documentary where he made plans for what to do after his death, to cremate him and fire his ashes in a rocket from a statue of a fist with two thumbs.


May he rest in peace.

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