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U.S. soldiers who've fought in Iraq and Afghanistan can take ecstacy in order to combat post-traumatic stress. It's an experiment on the part of the FDA to see if it works, and American fighting forces get to be the guinea pigs.

It's funny that this this was in The Guardian (and it's kind of old news, I found it on the Arthur blog) and not an American newsource, but, well, yeah, there's probably reasons for that. I wonder what the reaction will be once people hear about it.

Oh and while I'm being political: Remember before the election when The New York Times reported that Bush was in a meeting with big donators and said his big thing following the election would be a move to privatize social security? And then the White House denied it, and most people didn't talk about it, but the fact that it was the New York Times (as everyone knows: A bastion for the American left. They're in New York. The "New" in the name has been replaced with "Jew.") was somehow taken as making it disreputable, not like it's the most respected paper in the nation or anything. And then, after Bush won the election, he started talking about "Social Security reform," i.e. privatization?

Next car with a bumper sticker that says "I don't trust the liberal media" is getting its tires punctured. And by next I think I mean "all of them forever." (What's funny is that the media really should be more liberal, what with it being filled with people who went to college and should be informed as to what's going on. That's why I find it funny when conservatives also talk about the liberalism of academia and college teachers: Dude, they're smart. They might be out of step with the rest of America, but they know what they're talking about when they are.)

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