Saturday, February 05, 2005

Oh the night we had. The day we had! The past twelve hours were some kind of amazing. In the afternoon, two of my roommates began tripping on DXM. During this time, I finished the paper that I have to hand in tomorrow, and made large amounts of headway on this short story I was writing, as I listened to Bright Flight by the Silver Jews and Beauty Pill's Cigarette Girl Of The Future EP. These were great albums for the mood I was attempting to get across. Soon I'll finish the short story, and I think I'll put Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea on the stereo. The last time I listened to such a record was, weirdly, the last time Alex did DXM, as I was in the room when it was on the stereo and Soul Calibur was on the television. Months ago.

But, Alex walked in as I was typing away my short story, and once the Beauty Pill EP was done, all of the good roommates who are currently living here went down to the beach. As we walked out the door, we heard the sound of a party that seemed like it was raging, like it might actually be a good party for the first time in Evergreen party. We continued to the beach. A group of people walked by and were all "where are you going? We're going to the PARTY!" and we laughed them off and made our way into the woods. There was a lot of comedic riffing on the walk. It was a good night for the woods, a good night for the beach, a far cry from the creepy vibes there've been in the past. There was some thought that the tide might be up, as the waves were loud. But no, that was not the case, and we stood on the beach and saw bright flashes like explosions in the sky in one isolated spot on the other side of Puget Sound. I stood on the beach, peed once, then sat on a branch for a while and wondered about what was going on. There was a moment where I counted off two thirty-six second intervals between the flashes, but once this was announced, the flashes occurred with less frequency. This added still more mystery to these things that the first thought out of our mouths said were UFOs. Before this attempted to find a pattern where there was none, I said that we should make piece with everything, and Alex said that it was a good night for it. And it was. I'm not really getting across the full extent of it, but there was a good feeling in the air. These are the nights of Neutral Milk Hotel (and the days of Animal Collective and Boredoms) and ending short stories that strive to communicate what it feels like to be connected with life.

Today I also read an amazing interview with Alan Moore about craft while listening to Alan Moore interview Brian Eno. This is mentioned, for those who know about Alan Moore and Promethea 12 and all that, as a prelude to the next bit.

A few nights ago Loren had his tarot cards read and the tower came up. The tower is being struck with lightning. This is what that feels like.

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