Friday, May 21, 2004

So, as it turns out, the class I wanted was already filled. It's capacity was 25. I could've gotten on the waitlist, but decided best not to play around with that kind of shit. Another class that might've been okay, Evolution of the Book, was also full. Telling The Truth, a writing class that doesn't really look all that enjoyable... Teacher was telling me her favorite authors, a list I didn't care about, and then she said something that might've been sexist. It might still be okay though, really, and so I signed up for it. It's still very near capacity though, and I feel kind of bad for everybody who wanted it more and hasn't registered yet, especially those who I'm friends with.

And then, as it turns out, waking up with a start at 8 AM to do something, kind of makes you awake. I say kind of, because, although I didn't fall asleep when I went back to bed, my eyes still feel sore and bloodshot.

Is today going to be a good day? It feels too early to write it off entirely... But I'm thinking "no."

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