Friday, March 12, 2004

Haven't gone to sleep yet. Spent night at the beach with a girl. This, of course, means nothing.

Got some free pizzas and soda like twelve hours ago. Then had that food stolen. Got offered weed because I was pretty pissed about the fact that my food was stolen, and just the general "I should get high" thing. I declined. Also due to the stolen food, I've started locking my doors. I put in the wrong key all the time because I'm not used to using the key to my door.

Really nice day yesterday. I heard about job openings downtown, which I'll investigate today. I shaved a half-hour ago. As long as I get sleep and my eyes aren't bloodshot as hell, I guess I'll look OK. I like thinking that I seem like somebody who would be competent and is not a dick. I might be deluding myself. More likely than not I will just get job applications that I will have nothing to write on, instead of talk to people that I can kind of bullshit. The structure of this entry is to get progressively longer paragraphs out of progressively less-interesting-to-the readers topics. Next up is comics.

Went to the comic shop on wednesday, and kept it pretty indie. Bought Forlorn Funnies 5. It splits the content into "funny" and "forlorn," like forty pages a piece. A flipbook, with both sides having two different titles that come together to form one: "My love is dead, long live my love." The funny half was better, although not that consistent, and the forlorn side had one moment (the first story). Also picked up a copy of the rare, controversial, not-very-good Skin. It's about a kid in 1970s England who was a thalidomide baby (ask me about it or do research) that is also a skinhead. Also picked up Absent Friends, which was disappointing, and Promethea, which was kind of lackluster and I like more in theory than in practice. I really anticipate it and am let down every time. Which is to say that, like pretty much all the other comics mentioned in this paragraph, (or, um, my life) it was disappointing. An exception would be Street Angel, which is just kind of goofy but had two people get hit in the face with swords, in a moment which I appreciated. Also speaking of comics: That Abhay Khosla guy I gave a shout-out to bought Be A Man (maybe partly on my recommendation, I don't know) and he too liked it. I consider this a victory for me, even though it wasn't.

I don't have victories.

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