Saturday, October 25, 2003

Two words: Goth party. There's a goth party on campus. I don't even know how goths exist at Evergreen- how can you hate everything when acid makes everything so beautiful and full of light? But apparently they do.

In the interest of hilarity, I decided to go investigate with the people I am planning Breakfast Party with. (we make breakfast and we eat it and music plays. Music I own!) One of these dudes is named Cameron. Cameron is a very happy enthusiastic hippy who had the idea of Breakfast Party. He was wearing a V-neck cardigan sweater thing that I'm sure is quite soft. It was light blue. So me and Cameron went to Goth Party.

On the way I asked if anyone had a Sharpie so I could write "I Hate The Smiths" or "Bauhaus Fucking Sucks" on my undershirt/skin. No one did, but on my way in, I said something about hating Bauhaus. Some goth girl laughed but there might not be a direct connection.

There was black electrical tape forming a pentagram on the door. Bang on the door and the door gets opened. Red light and smoke. And cut up black plastic hangs from the ceiling. And garbage bags are taped to the walls. Not filling any one wall, they're just kind of there. I go, I laugh, I see people from my floor who rock Ecko clothing and bust freestyle rhymes and I laugh some more. I make my way towards the door and I can't escape. More people are coming in, including people I'm friends with. I'm sure they were all pretty drunk. I leave, because no one wanted to hear my jokes about goths sucking ass.

But you do, my internet friends.

That said, if they had been playing Liars- Fins To Make Us More Fish-Like (who aren't goth but are dark and INTENSE like goths and dancey so it's a party, hence it would be perfect for GOTH PARTY)
I would've gotten the funk out.

Speaking of getting the funk out, when I went to the comic shop on wednesday, the clerk guy asked if I was the dude who just moved here who was friends with Jim Mahfood. I said no, but the clerk says "yeah, there's some dude who moved here who's friends with Jim Mahfood, he asked that if he comes up to visit or something, would the store want to do a signing? I said yeah." So yeah, Jim Mahfood's pretty fucking cool. Also: the store has like a comics fair thing in March or something. In 2003, the guests of honor were Craig Thompson and Gilbert Hernandez. I was so worried about this shop being super-suck-ass and geeky because its name is Danger Room Comics.

The irony is that no one knows who Jim Mahfood, Craig Thompson, or Gilbert Hernandez are and I am coming off like the biggest geek in the world. I am aware.

But seriously, consider the geeks at The Evergreen State College Goth Party. (sure, I was one of them technically, but, FUCK YOU!) My roommate's there now. I told him there was a girl wearing a VNV Nation t-shirt and that was the clincher, he just had to go. Today's his birthday. He's going home in the morning. I'm going to Breakfast Party where I will rock the pancakes (and the Built To Spill, Sonic Youth, Manitoba, Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement that people told me to bring) something fierce.

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