Sunday, October 26, 2003

There wasn't any food I wanted to eat at that little happening. So I came home to an empty floor, browsed around iTunes and found a dude with a copy of The Notwist's Shrink and put it on. I thought I heard some doors open and I was all "Hey, people," but it turned out just to be friends of Ian, the douche that everyone hates.

I am a good judge of character, in that I was the first person to hate him. He was talking to my roommate about role-playing, and I thought "this dude's fucking pathetic." Then he was hitting on some girls in that cheap sexual innuendo kind of way and I thought "this dude's fucking creepy. and unfunny." Then I heard a story that he narc'ed out a group of people, including many a friend of mine, that was smoking pot. Now everyone hates him. I was on the forefront.

So now I'm back, and um, The Notwist are good.

I've written way too fucking much in this thing today. Someone shoot me. Or just grab hold of me and make me do stuff. Otherwise I write. Not a book, not a short story, not a script, just this narcissistic bullshit. People read it, but I can't imagine anyone likes all of it. Shout-outs to bands no one's heard of? Shout-outs to cartoonists, the same thing? Re-telling of stories that everyone I go to school with here has already heard told?

When I wrote "this is a character assassination," as a description of this blog's content, I was wrong. This is masturbation.

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