Wednesday, October 29, 2003

My roommate's watching I Love the '80s Strikes Back. Here's what's cool: They just covered some kinda' underground-ish music. I appreciate this because maybe now there will be more people my age who associate 80s music with more than just fucking Men Without Hats. It was the underground that was on the upswing in 88: They were talking about REM, Jane's Addiction, Sonic Youth. The Sonic Youth was what surprised me enough to actually make me say "yes." the riff from Teenage Riot got played, and Michael Ian Black complained about their dissonance. REM wasn't really underground by 1988, but it nonetheless made me happy to hear them being discusses, even though Green for the most part sucks.

Here's my point: Sonic Youth got talked about VH1. Yeah, VH1 fucking sucks, but I'm just happy to see Sonic Youth in any kind of context.

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