Saturday, October 25, 2003

I woke up from a nap and drank some juice (Nantucket Nectars' Pineapple Orange Banana). I feel so energized, such a good feeling, like my body's made of rubber bands. I want to smash my face against a window. I have all this energy and no real way to release, I want to tear myself apart but not in a self-destructive way. I want to walk through the streets screaming Pavement songs, which is a constant feeling, but now more than ever.

Every building same height, Every street a straight line

If this doesn't feel as energized as it seems like it's supposed to, it's because I lost this post and had to retype from memory. I still do feel that way, only right now it's coupled with wanting to take a shit. It's a weird combo. My ass is full but my arms want to freak the fuck out.

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