Saturday, February 07, 2004

Things that are disconcerting:

People dropping out/transferring from Evergreen. With people I know, it seems to come out of the idea that Evergreen is not going to help them get jobs in the real world, and they would be better off going to a school where you can actually get a degree in sound engineering or special effects movie makeup. It's a desire I totally understand: Way to have your shit together, kids; but bums me out due to the fact that a) these are people I know and like, now leaving and b) that they're more focused, or reality-oriented than I am. I don't know.

Also: The realization that shitty people have good musical taste. Yeah, I know this is obvious, and not a big deal. I don't judge people by their taste, whatever. Listen to whatever the fuck you want. But the bad people who like good things- Kind of a non-issue at my high school.

On another, more positive note, I'd like to say that I looked at Paul Pope's website thursday night, and his shit remains some of the coolest shit ever.

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