Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Hey, just saw Deerhoof live. Other bands played as well. All were pretty good, but the audience pissed me the fuck off.

On the bus, there were some loud, annoying people. I'm always afraid I'm one of the loud annoying people, but no, I'm not. The annoying bus people are always young and female. Or just fucking insane/mentally handicapped. But these were of the young female variety.

The bus driver told them to be quiet. Then they made SSSHHHing sounds at loud volumes, out of spite. They were then told to stop doing this.

Can you guess what they did?

Can you?

Think: What would someone that's twelve do? Yeah, in the minutes before getting off the bus, they said words with Sh sounds, and emphasized those aspects. Like SSSSHHHit. Clever.

The bus driver told them not to ride the bus. That bus driver was awesome. She asked if they went to the college, I told them they did not. Other reports later reported otherwise.

Anyway, these people. I was afraid they were going to the concert. Alex insisted that, yeah, they were, because they were people dying for attention, and as such, they were hipsters.

We walked in to the venue and didn't see them. Alex made a joke about the hipsters stopping off at Old School Pizza before the show. They showed up a few minutes later, and the Old School explanation is probably true.

When Old Time Relijun started, they got to the front of the stage and started the dancing. The herd mentality spread. I wanted in on the action, but goddammit, those bus people ruined fun for me. I also heard that the lead singer of Old Time Relijun (ex-Evergreen) posed nude for some art class last quarter. He also apparently gets naked at shows on occasion. He didn't do that at this show though. He remained dressed in a suit, like some kind of nice guy Nick Cave. Other obnoxious things done by the bus girls: smashing Arrington in the mouth with a microphone and playing with the lights in between sets while some beat-oriented electronic music played.

I decided I wanted to be in the shit for Deerhoof though. I think I was standing next to three people from Sub Pop, who stood like statues at first, but they later caused much of the pushing-around dancing. There was a lot of pushing around type dancing. For a while, I was in the shit and the other people became like a corset for my ribs. We fought for oxygen, like we will all have to do in the terrordomes of 2028. Still kind of a good time. I really wanted to punch the one Sub Pop guy. If it happened in the heat of crazy borderline-mosh action, it would've been perfect. But it was not to be. So the bus girls didn't ruin Deerhoof for me. The drummer for Deerhoof is fucking cool, and the singer's pretty awesome as well. Part of me hopes they get that Sub Pop money, part of me likes thinking that Kill Rock Stars isn't run by assholes. But it could be, I don't know. I'm not even sure the Sub Pop people were that bad... Just kind of in love with themselves, I'm thinking, and too much goddamn muscle mass to be standing in the thick of it when the kids start spazzing out.

Also saw Parenthetical Girls, who I saw do a radio show performance a few weeks back. I knew most of their songs. I guess they're okay.

Bought the new Deerhoof record. (not out yet!) Haven't listened yet, as Alex is going to rip it and put it on the network for all.

After Parenthetical Girls but before Old Time Relijun were Le Ton Mite. Who weren't a band, per se. They did this kind of musical performance art comedy thing. THAT WAS BAD.

Saw a lot of people I know. Three people from class who I didn't know were going, and others who were friends of friends etc. And some acquaintances I've met. And people from the floor above me who I didn't know existed.

But yeah: see Deerhoof if the chance presents itself. See Old Time Relijun in places not Olympia, because in Olympia, all the assholes will come out. If you don't have any kind of contact with them, you'll have fun.

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