Wednesday, February 04, 2004

There was an on-campus screening of The Shape Of Things. Fuck you, The Shape Of Things. Fuck you Neil Labute. He sure does hate the womenfolk.

I thought I'd watch it with my friend Thor, who didn't show up at the screening. Tyler did. For the non-Evergreen people reading this: Tyler is a fat awkward kid who is not funny, and is often intentionally annoying. People pity him. Anyway, so he say next to me.

Then I saw someone I knew from class, so I sat with her. Until she said "fuck this movie" and left. Then Tyler sidled up. I didn't leave. The denouement worked OK I guess, but the ending was far from surprising or satisfactory, the characters were unlikable and the dialogue sucked ass throughout.

I think this night can still be redeemed, but I don't know what could do it.

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