Monday, February 09, 2004

So I found out today that cartoonist Charles Burns went to Evergreen, at the same time that other cartoonists like Matt Groening and Lynda Barry went here. Now that I think about it, the possibility that Charles Montgomery Burns is named after the dude who does Black Hole is kind of large, slightly less coincidental than the fact that The Simpsons live on Evergreen Terrace.

Anyway, this was a few years before the Sub Pop and K Records people attended, but there was some overlap, with Sub Pop guy and Charles Burns meeting and Burns drawing a Sub Pop comp cover. K Records and Sub Pop kind of sucked at their inception, but they've both gone on to release some good stuff, so you know whatever, yay for my college.

Aside from the cartoonists and the music folk, we also churn out activists. Like, remember I'm thinking Spring 2003, when the first American was killed in the Israeli-Palestinean conflict? A college student (whose name I won't mention lest this come up in a google search or some such thing, but I will say that her first name was Rachel, which explains some of those banners in the library about fighting in memory or whatever) went over there to act as a human shield. She stood in front of palestinean homes and got bulldozed by Israelis. It made the news, with some surprise expressed. I was confused by the surprise. Probably not a bad person or anything, ideals are nice, I have a few, but still. Anyway, yeah, an Evergreen student. I don't know what my response is- It's one of disappointment at the college and life and whatever and the people this college creates, idealistic but with head up the ass, is what I'm saying. Another person who went here is Inga Muscio, who wrote a book called Cunt, and seems pretty fucking dumb from this review I read, and dumb in an Evergreen way. I've seen copies of that book on many a shelf, by the way.

I act like this is exclusive to Evergreen. But I know it's not. Well, I don't know that, actually. I'm assuming. So, people at other schools: How full of shit are your alumni?

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