Thursday, November 27, 2003

So Pitchfork decided to do a second list of the top 100 records of the 1990s, after they already did one in 1999. It didn't correct the one glaring mistake- not making Neutral Milk Hotel number one. It was in at 88 originally, which is pretty sad. On the new list it's at number 4, behind The Soft Bulletin, which isn't all that great either. I could talk for a while about the two lists and compare/contrast, but I'll just say that a second list is total bullshit. Like revisionist history, almost. The first list did have some fuckups, but you accept it. I'll talk more about this later. The computer I type this on is really slow to respond, it's fucking with my head. The computer center is closed for Thanksgiving, so the computer I'm typing on is one of three crap computers in the HCC.

My Thanksgiving plans fell through. Because of the crap computer, I'm going to make a long story short and say I overslept.

Got an e-mail from my dad. Weird thing about his e-mails is I can't hear his voice saying them. I can't imagine him saying stuff like "holler if you need anything. Miss you. Love, Dad."

I thought this would be much longer, but I hate typing on this keyboard and I need to take a crap. So happy thanksgiving everybody.

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