Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Here's something interesting I came across on someone at this college's iTunes: A mash-up of Aaliyah and Smart Went Crazy, called Aaliyah Went Crazy. I wasn't able to identify either song, due to my lack of Aaliyah knowledge and being much more familiar with Smary Went Crazy's lyrics than the musical backing behind those lyrics. This is not to say that Smart Went Crazy don't have interesting music, as they do, but... whatever, I'm just dumb. Anyway, the music was pretty string-heavy and seemed to go along pretty well with the Aaliyah ditty glued on top. Not being familiar with the original, I don't know how much it adds by the new context, etc.

But it was something I hadn't even heard of existing, so it was a nice little discovery. I thought I'd share.

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