Sunday, November 02, 2003

Much to my chagrin, this blog has been functioning more as a livejournal, do to my inability to say things that are smart and matter to people, like criticism. I almost posted my AIM rant to Alex about how the first Weezer album (which general consensus seems to have labeled the good one, but I still think it sucks, for reasons that will be expounded upon not in parentheses... RIGHT NOW) is just a watered-down hybrid of Doolittle by The Pixies and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, by Pavement. But then I decided not to. But my latest AIM conversation with Alex will now be posted, edited slightly, for clarity and effect.

waffle4223: I just saw the worst iTunes genre classification.
AndrewWKIsntGood: what was it?
waffle4223: One Beat by Sleater- Kinney, is Rock/Pop. but Dig Me Out... is Riot Grrrl/Queercore
waffle4223: QUEERCORE
waffle4223: what.
waffle4223: the.
waffle4223: FUCK!
AndrewWKIsntGood: ohhhh man
AndrewWKIsntGood: you can add core to anything
waffle4223: my friend jason should start a fatcore band
AndrewWKIsntGood: yes
waffle4223: they'd be ghettoized by their first single, which would of course be about pie.
AndrewWKIsntGood: only pie?
waffle4223: just the first single
waffle4223: one song
waffle4223: then they'd sing songs about, you know, other stuff.
waffle4223: like politics.
AndrewWKIsntGood: i mean pie is good and all, but 3 minutes just about pie?
AndrewWKIsntGood: i don't see it working
waffle4223: you're not a great song-writer, that's your problem.
AndrewWKIsntGood: i can't imagine keeping someones interest in pie for 3 minutes
waffle4223: My friend can probably get more mileage out of pie than he can out of, say "love"
waffle4223: there'd be music too.
AndrewWKIsntGood: well yeah
AndrewWKIsntGood: derr
waffle4223: what if it were about the joy of having a burrito for lunch and having pie for dessert to your lunch?
waffle4223: it could be called "burritos and pie"
AndrewWKIsntGood: ok that could easily work
waffle4223: but I'm getting distracted.
waffle4223: but we are pigeonholing them into the category of fatcore.
waffle4223: which is kind of the point.
waffle4223: So even if their first full-length doesn't mention eating food at all
waffle4223: it'll still be there, under the surface.
AndrewWKIsntGood: hey you call yourself fatcore, youve got expectations to meet
waffle4223: no, the music press (and iTunes) will call them fatcore.
waffle4223: they'll be all "We're just a rock band, man"
waffle4223: but people will listen to the album, and they'll appreciate the songs not about food, because they'd be good songs.
waffle4223: but they'd nonetheless be thinking "this band... they like pie"
AndrewWKIsntGood: wow
waffle4223: now change "pie" to "vaginas" and now you know what it's like to be sleater-kinney.

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