Tuesday, March 15, 2005

There's a lot of music coming out in the future that I would probably buy were it not for this cable internet connection and Olympia music stores sucking. I'm considering going down to Portland to pick up the new Mountain Goats record, The Sunset Tree, once it's released. I'm also excited about the next Silver Jews thing, and there's a new Broken Social Scene record starting to leak that's the kind of thing I'd buy. It's all very tricky, what with having no money and living in Olympia. Owning records is just great for listening to the whole thing from end to end over and over again, which is really the best way to get into an album.

My plan was to review everything in my 2005 playlist for stuff that's coming out or has already come out this year, but that'd be largely unfair given my listening practices. Suffice it to say that the Out Hud and Trail Of Dead records are not the kinds of record that should be bought. Most other things would give me enjoyment if I bought them and listened to them over and over again.

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