Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Hold Steady's Separation Sunday is a rather good record, bar band with brilliant lyrics stuff like the first, but I'm listening to it from beginning to end, before I go to sleep, as that's when the urge strikes and I can invest some attention into it. I listen to Beauty Pill's Unsustainable Lifestryle from beginning to end as well. Lyrics records.

Tomorrow I am going to fill out these job applications and read these books, sitting to my left. Maybe there will also be some writing. Monday I had in the job applications and will have to wake up early to do so. Then more writing and reading.

One of the book's sititng to my left is Don Delillo's Underworld, which is one that should really be taking up the whole of my attention. Without all my attention, it is only half-understood. What's bizarre is that it's a book about the latter half of the American twentieth century, and the image on the front cover is that of the World Trade Center. Could a better image be chosen to represent that period of time now? This was accident and happenstance, book design in 1998. It's a decent book, as well.

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