Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Here's a quote of someone else paraphrasing something Patton Oswalt said, re: why he's no longer on VH1. "They want you to come in and riff on these talentless celebrities, and they give you these questions to answer... After a while, I just wanted to say, 'Paris Hilton is a cunt and I hope she dies of AIDS.'"

As for the news: I don't care about the girl in the coma so much as I care about the fact that Bush signed a law when he was Governor of Texas that allows for the plug to be pulled on people who can't pay, regardless of the family's wishes. I honestly can't imagine anything more evil-fuckerish, and I want to punch that guy in the scrot. I think he'd appreciate the comedy of me doing so, what with his frat-boy background and all.

Yesterday I got sprayed with a fire extinguisher by some drunk asshole. Fire extinguishers spray this white powder chemical that soaks the air, tastes fucking terrible, and covers everything with an invisible grainy texture.

I've heard the new Beck record, mastered and sequenced, and it's not very good. When did he become a scientologist? Because if it was after Midnite Vultures, then I'm blaming that for his decline.

The Thunderbirds Are Now! album isn't very good, nor is what I've heard of the Bunky record. Many of the reviews make it seem promising, but the songs I've heard from mp3 blogs and the band's website were so shitty I didn't even download the full record.

New Sleater-Kinney's good. The Enon singles comp is considerably better than the Les Savy Fav singles comp from last year. (which I actually bought, like a sucker) Only the first song off the next Broken Social Scene is available so far as I know, but it's a good one. I haven't heard all of the Stephen Malkmus record yet. I imagine it'll be okay but I will never want to listen to it, not unlike Pig Lib. Generally I'm thinking a better year for music than last year.

Oh yeah, so top ten records released last year that didn't make the Pitchfork list at all, in no order.

The Mountain Goats- We Shall All Be Healed
The Hold Steady- Almost Killed Me
Beauty Pill- The Unsustainable Lifestyle
Black Eyes- Cough
Black Dice- Creature Comforts
The Blow- Poor Aim: Love Songs EP
Girl Talk- Unstoppable
Liars- They Were Wrong So We Drowned
!!!- Louden Up Now
Deerhoof- Milk Man

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