Monday, March 21, 2005

So if I were in Philadelphia right now there'd be a Salvador Dali exhibit I could be seeing. And if I were there in May, I could live Alex's dream, as there's a night where there's a Caribou/Junior Boys show, and then right after that, at the same venue, there's an Autechre show. Two separate shows, but Autechre tickets are cheaper if you see Caribou. In May plans are to drive down the coast and see California, Evie, and The Boredoms. I have no idea how much money this will cost, and I will need to investigate further.

Don DeLillo's Underworld is rather good, only it needs to be read quickly, with all the characters kept straight so it doesn't just come off like a short story collection. I should finish it over the next two days, definitely done before Wednesday.

Also I need to write up a cover letter to print out, staple to this short story, and send off. This needs to be done before break is over. Let's say both these things should be accomplished by Tuesday.

Also to be done tomorrow is hand in a job application to be a custodian of this school's filth.

Hypodermic needles have been found in bathrooms in the library.

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