Thursday, November 03, 2005

The teachers of the class I'm not registered for have learned that I'm not registered. One teacher, the one I deal with the most, as he reads my papers, said he doesn't mind that I'm there if I really want to be, but he's unsure of that. Then he says he doesn't mind as long as I'm not being disruptive. What's disruptive about what I do?

My papers. He didn't say they were actually disruptive, but my papers and the things I read seem opposed and confrontational which... yes. The discussion was the same as one I had with my Framing Film professor, that of my putting too much opinion into my work, rather than just stating what other people believed.

Anyway, I was also told that I probably can't register for the class at this point, and so can't get credit.

Then, later on, almost independent, I was told to go home rather than attend seminar, as there was a paper I hadn't written, not knowing it was due today, as I missed last week's class. I also didn't have a "seminar ticket" (basically a response paper) last time I was in class, due to my misunderstanding stuff that was said which apparently no one else heard.

So kind of fuck that class, is what I'm saying. I really need to get into something good next quarter.

For now my future is mostly open- I want to finish this chapter of this book today, and I want to have seven chapters done before Christmas break. I've got some volunteering at the Capitol Theater, with their film festival coming up. Sidenote: The summaries I wrote for the program guide weren't used, I guess because they weren't bland and generic enough. Fucking Olympia. Seemingly no one here likes opinions.

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