Saturday, November 19, 2005

Haven't been posting here as frequently as I once was because stuff I would write about here I write about on message boards instead. For example, I saw Numbers live, with Cars Can Be Blue opening. That was a very fun show, and Cars Can Be Blue are really nice people who you should give a home-cooked meal to, if they come to your town. They drive around in a vegetable-oil-powered van and sing simple, yet filthy, songs. And Numbers was just a noisy party. There was dancing and violence.

I went to a party the next night held for Capitol Theater volunteers, and was mostly awkward in ways that were occasionally awesome. I brought up a J.D. Salinger short story to people who hadn't read it and was told I was good at party talk, in what I thought was sarcasm.

Also: Someone who lived downstairs from me in the dorms last year now has naked pictures of her on the internet. On Suicide Girls, so it's not a sad raped-and-photographed situation. Just a funny one, because I made fun of this being her ambition, and she denied it. I haven't seen the photos, but I think Loren's seen her tits in real life, as well as John Samson and maybe some other people I know.

I am still unemployed. I'm doing some writing- I got some comic book criticism essays put up on a website I'm not going to link to, written partly to develop my critical voice, and partly as an end in and of itself.

I wrote a top twenty-five albums of the year 2005 list and posted it on the Last Plane To Jakarta forums. Broken Social Scene's self-titled was number one, but honestly, the whole list could be shuffled in groups of five, and any of the first five records I listed could be my favorite.

HBO's Carnivale is not a very good show, but it is self-satisfied, and that's enough to fool some people. I was all "hey, Carla Gallo's on this show, she was on Undeclared." And then all she did in the first episode was be topless, which I didn't think is the kind of thing you get put in the front credits for. Yeah, I won't be watching more episodes of that show.

My plumbing's all fucked up. Bathroom, not internal. But yeah, pipes are crazy. If my internal plumbing was my bathroom plumbing, I'd be ejaculating bloody urine.

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