Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, let me tell you about the dream I had last night. It was very narrative.

It starts with me going into a restaurant and being greeted with a woman saying "oh my God Jim Belushi!" and they were very excited to see me, being as I was Jim Belushi, giving me little kisses on the mouth. They were waiting for Jim Belushi, anticipating him. There was a flyer for a show at the Yes Yes where Jim Belushi was opening. The contact information was the comic shop in Olympia I go to.

Later I guess I got into a relationship with this girl, one of the two at the restaurant. She had fins on her sides and was quite the swimmer. We went to have sex in an elevator at Seminar II at Evergreen.

Then a cut. At some point things stopped happening from my perspective and started to happen like I was watching a film. Anyway, after the cut there's some kind of underwater training in a cylinder. The girl with the fins is quite the swimmer.

There are a lot of references made by people to bad teen thrillers- Swimfan was mentioned, although this had nothing to do with her being a swimmer, just a guy saying "Dude, Swimfan was good."

Later on I'm in nature, on a trail with people. Moose are running about. The people I'm with are killed by nature, but not attacked by animals I think. Following that I am in a series of tunnels, running through a maze. That girl is trying to kill me in some complicated way.

When I am running through the tunnels, Alex shows up and I tell him that I'm watching a movie. He says it looks gay. The narrative mostly falls apart as reality fractures and I maybe start to wake up a bit. The only narrative that ends is basically a Simpsons episode which was maybe the movie's ending- I think it played out live-action.

There were townspeople on a beach, and there was a mayor. Jewelry washed up onto the beach, in a way that basically signaled the end of everything- Either the end of the oceans or the burial of dry land. A song was sung, a happy song. People ran out into the ocean to grab whatever tey could grab. The final shot was an oyster reaching for a pearl, only to get smashed. Or that was the gist of what happened, symbolically- I think I saw different imagery, but that was how I understood it.

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