Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Saw The Blow tonight. Other people played as well- Anna Oxygen, Tiger Saw, and Viking Moses. Hadn't heard of the latter two. It turned out they sucked, especially Tiger Saw. Anna Oxygen I had heard of, but hadn't heard the music... It was all really bad new-wave disco electro pop type stuff. I guess new-wave disco might not be the best description, because... imagine eighties Madonna but more avant-garde in terms of a stage show. That's my impression.

The Blow was cool though, even though she mainly just sang along to some karaoke beats. The beats were pretty nice, and there was some lyrical improvisation. In the absence of karaoke beats, there would be people either singing like "oh-oh-oh" or, for the first song, nothing but a capella. A capella but with a heavy hip-hop influence for, you know, some Olympia white girl on K records. It's more dominant live than on record... The record is good though, and although I didn't know quite where I stood at first on the karaoke beats, by the end I considered her a good performer.

Saw so many vaguely familar faces, from going to this school, riding the bus, going to shows, and eating burritos. Small scene in this town. It's kind of bizarre knowing so many people at least by sight when you view yourself as an outsider. I'm sure that I was but a few steps removed from the other people I didn't know, if I count the musicians as being people I know. (and I did in terms of my discussion of familiar faces)

I walked to the show and got a ride back, in the process of the ride back kind of meeting new people who talked to the musician people etc. (one girl got the number of the singer from Old Time Relijun) I like viewing myself as an outsider.

One of those things that I view myself as something that I might not necessarily be. Viewing myself as anti-social, or many other things along similar lines. Always kind of bizarre when I find out that people think I'm confident, as that is not how I view myself. Once it's pointed out, I accept it, rather than dispute it, but I'm nonetheless thrown for a loop.

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