Monday, May 05, 2008

On Friday, milk was spilled on my laptop keyboard, initializing a phase of radio silence here at blog headquarters. At first I welcomed the possibility of a more analog lifestyle, but then practicalities began to rear their head.

The first thing I did, after flipping the computer upside-down so any milk that seeped in fell out, was watch Julien Donkey-Boy. I've avoided the films of Harmony Korine thinking they would be filled with nonstop negativity and exploitation. Julien Donkey-Boy is actually a very human film, with the only actively cruel character being played by Werner Herzog. Herzog is great, as he invests the character of the abusive father with this sort of zen machismo that is present in his very being, making for the most likable character of that type maybe ever. Maybe this means I should reconsider my decision to not watch any Todd Solondz movies.

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bryan elfboy said...

I'm with you on Solondz. Well, Ive only seen Happiness. I find it weird that I would call something too mean or negative, but I agree, it's just a bummer to watch. I also love Julien Donkey Boy (well... dunno if I love it, but I love Herzogs antics). Gummo is worth watching too I think. Harmony Korine is a strange dude, having grown up in a place like that, then becoming an Artiste and exploiting all his friends?