Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've been thinking about a radio show where Brazilian music dominates. I do not think this will happen, though, as that which I want to share is mostly confined to one compilation, the "Brazil 70: After Tropicalia" record put out by Soul Jazz.

What I would want to highlight about it is how much it feels to me like laptop music, conjured from organic instruments. Almost all of the songs are defined by these ecstatic moments, which, even though the songs have vocals and structure, seem to arise more from the arrangements: There's a ton of moving parts to these songs, all speeding up and slowing down and putting different things into focus. It feels like pop music in the emotions it evokes, even as the rhythms move in directions that make dancing hard to contemplate.

There's other compilations of Brazilian music that I thought I could mine. One, called "The Sexual Life Of The Savages" seems like a lot of people heard it because of the promise of Brazilian post-punk. It's not as interesting as Brazil 70, probably because the idea refers to rock band set-ups, which keep the arrangements more limited. The pop elements lead to it feeling like watered-down versions of Ut, or someone else from the New York Noise compilations Soul-Jazz puts out.

There's also a compilation just called Tropicalia. It is kind of cool when a song comes on with something you only know as a sample, but then the whole song floats by on that groove. The Brazil 70 stuff comes on and keeps going like J Dilla was serving as bandleader.


Domenica said...

Hey Brian, wanna "linkroll" or "linkswap" or whatever they call it? I'll put your blog on my page, you put yours on mine.

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