Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Last night, my computer sprang back to life, smelling of sour milk. The keyboard, however, no longer works. So I can use my computer to consume things, like music, I can't really create anything new.

And music-consumption is tricky. When a record came up on my Soulseek wishlist, and I clicked "download containing folder," I learned that the user I was dealing with had everything in a folder marked "music." Someone has done this to me before, and I pointed it out, and they corrected it. I could not correct it so easily, being without a keyboard with a shift key that would allow me to highlight large amounts at once. I deleted tracks one by one before disconnecting my internet, but leaving Soulseek on in the hopes that eventually there would be a runtime error causing it to quit and reset to before I attempted such downloads. This didn't happen, because Soulseek doesn't really do anything that would cause it to experience an error when the internet is disconnected.

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bryan elfboy said...

hahaha. ive done that several times, surprisingly without anyones complaint (maybe cause i quickly cancelled it). but i've been yelled at 100s of times from jerks on soulseek for downloading 2 albums. actually more often they yell at me because my upload speed is slow!! ungrateful bastards.