Wednesday, April 26, 2006

There was a woman on The Colbert Report on Wednesday, Caitlin Flanagan, promoting a book against feminism. Since she was opposed to feminism and pre sandwich-and-baby-making, I have no moral reservations at all saying she was an unappealing woman, with ridiculous hair. The interview was dryly unconfrontational, but frat boys in the audience whooped it up.

Meanwhile- I read a story on Yahoo news about Bush trying to lower gas prices by urging environmental regulations and stopping putting things in the oil reserve. What awful ideas. He's also cutting tax breaks to oil companies and urging larger tax breaks for hybrid owners, which is decent, but in a word: SINKINGSHIPSINKINGSHIPSINKINGSHIPSINKINGSHIPSINKINGSHIP. John Kerry apparently talked reducing the influx of oil to the surplus in his election campaign. Bush denounced it then as playing politics. SINKINGSHIPSINKINGSHIP.

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