Saturday, April 08, 2006

No one's going to care about this at all, it's just nerdy thought-documentation for my own sake. After I posted that list of the best albums of last year, pretty much immediately, I declared Why- Elephant Eyelash my favorite. I don't know- That might actually be what I say on the list. But what I hadn't heard at that point was the Akron/Family Angels Of Light split, which I've listened to so much since then. Anyway- That should displace Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's spot, even though I like them. It should just be in the second fifth. And, towards the bottom of the list, there's a Numbers record I hadn't heard at the time of my list-making, just as a way to give credit for a good live show. I've heard, it's not too good, displace it entirely. For an even twenty-five.

God, that's some OCD shit. Or, it would be if I hadn't been thinking it for awhile, and am just writing it down now so I can stop thinking it, as it'll be documented.

In other news, I'm pretty into apples.

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