Sunday, February 19, 2006

I just walked home from a party, and am listening to the last couple tracks off Elephant Eyelash. There is alcohol in my system, and the general sexual frustration and a sad awareness of the fact that my memory isn't so good with faces/names/places. I didn't offend anyone, I don't think. I don't know if I made any kind of impression at all.

Alpha Incipiens ran through my head as dance music played. I was coaxed out onto the dance floor for M.I.A. by two pretty lesbians who I got along with maybe better than anyone else. They were drunk and I was aware of their lesbianism and so that probably helped everybody with the getting along.

John Samson's back in town! Awesome.

I had a good night, and I hope the vestigial limbs of the evening reach into the memories of all who decided that I was cool.

I got a compliment from my old neighboring roommate Will, who said that I was "hella nerdy" but the shoes I rock are always so gangster and that's cool and old-school. Yeahhhh.

I've got the glory of the world world-view.

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