Friday, February 10, 2006

I just saw Akron/Family. I'd been listening to their split with Angels Of Light a lot recently, to get psyched. They were awesome, as a band making music and as a band made up of dudes with senses of humor and stuff. I had a lot of fun. You should all buy that split, and then go see them live and be up front dancing with all of these total nerds.

They made Jim Gaffigan references and like weird confrontational humor.

Banter: "I'd like to dedicate this next song..."

He trails off into silence, puts a hand on one side of his face, leans on the microphone with his lip, and then sighs deeply.


Noise and synths, melodica and quiet folk songs, and some of it was danceable and some of it not at all, but enough to make the people who were all "I want to sit in a chair, you sit down" and I was all "No dudes, you should be standing, you will all be standing" realize that I fucking win and am not to be questioned ever.

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