Sunday, February 05, 2006

Betty Friedan died, age 85. That's new.

My professor said some stupid shit the other day. No one called him out on it. Not even I, as he just said it as part of a long digression and I didn't want to further the tangent.

He was complaining about WASL, the standardized test for the state of Washington, and how biased it is. He started out by talking about the discrepancy between the results of success of special-ed and non-special-ed students, and how this is proof of the WASL being biased against kids in special ed.

He went on to list other groups the test is biased against- whites get higher scores than non-whites, with, and I quote him, "Asians being included as white."

I think I was the only person who blinked at statements like this, but blinking isn't really enough, and I'm now mad at myself for not saying "Excuse me, what the fuck?"

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