Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oh man, people who didn't get into The Best Show On WFMU when I was all "you guys, you guys, the Best Show On WFMU" missed the fuck out.

This show culminated with a rap battle between frequent annoying caller MC Steinberg having a rap battle with the actual Ted Leo (of "and the Pharmacists"), judged by celebrity guests Marky Ramone, (voiced by Jon Wurster) Timmy Von Trimble, (voiced by Jon Wurster) and Philly Boy Roy (also Jon Wurster in a voice-acting comedy improv firehouse barn-burner fooforaw of a performance). Then Ted Leo covered Dancing In The Dark, in tribute to the state of New Jersey. I was dying. Ted Leo made a Mother 13 reference. Jesus. Way to earn my respect, Mr. Leo.

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