Thursday, January 12, 2006

I started class two days ago, don't quite know how it'll turn out yet. My project thing involves working for/with Yes Yes. My seminar is godawful, everyone's a Washington resident/community college transfer, and the teacher is a fiscal conservative.

The first book I'm reading, that was read last quarter and I need to catch up, is awful. It's corporate bullshit with new age leanings, the kind of thing your manager would give to you when you worked for General Motors and thought you might not be giving enough to the team. Oh, and I had to buy it new in a panic, and it was expensive. All of these books, business books, whatever, are ungodly expensive new and are then found on Half. com for less than a dollar when a new printing comes out.

Alex plans to go back to Alaska for the summer, which I can't hold against him or even discourage, as this past summer blew, but may make moving out harder, and weirds up my options a bit. I don't know. Maybe I'll hobo about this summer? I should do that while I'm young.

My most recent brilliant idea for the future/perfect job involves working as a DJ for a water park, playing Animal Collective, the Go! Team, and Pavement. Said water park would also have a movie theater/art gallery underground for nighttime and the winter.

My shirts and pants grow more holes.

My friend Ken, who works for Sounds Familyre, said he'd send me a copy of Ships, the new Danielson record, with Deerhoof on it.

I need to finish this chapter of the novel I'm writing, chapter seven. The first seven chapters are designed to give a model for how the book works, how the two narrators play off each other, with chapter seven providing a small emotional climax. It has to be really good. Once it's done, people can read this first chunk, which is something I'm not allowing right now. It's a slow-going process, this bit in particular- I knocked out a chunk over break that I was really proud of.

I downloaded two songs off the upcoming Flaming Lips record, At War With The Mystics. They're not awful, thank God. Not especially vital and mind-blowing, but album context is important, and I didn't really expect them to be.

I don't expect 2006 to be as good a year for music as 2005, but maybe that Built To Spill record that I've been waiting for since, like, 2004 will come out, as well as the new Circulatory System record which I've been waiting for since probably the same time.

I need to write this book, I need to shoot this movie, I need to make things happen.

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