Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hello there, internet. It is now twenty-aught-six, the year of our lord.

New Year's Eve was spent in Philadelphia, running around with my brother and also lurking silently. I realized that my brother, right now, is kind of living the 2046 life with regards to the women: post break-up with someone he loved and now he's just fucking some god-awful randoms. This has been going on for awhile, actually.

Here's a question: Going into someplace and being like "what's the deal with this place": better or worse than walking in somewhere and automatically knowing what it's deal is? And this is a false binary, as the best possible situation is to walk in somewhere and not really give a shit what the deal specifically is.

When the new year came in, I was watching fireworks and wishing for The Go! Team to be playing.

These are the songs I was thinking of this weekend-

Whatever Hold Steady/Lifter Puller song has the line "she says she loves the scene unity, but hates the team spirit." This is as a result of meeting someone cool, ex of Olympia.

This Year by The Mountain Goats. On new year's eve it's outlived it's usefulness, new year's day and I'm hoping it'll never be appropriate again.

Animal Collective's Who Could Win A Rabbit. In the get-psyched team buildup and the welcome to the future payoff, I just wanted to chant this.

Why?'s Act Five-I go on and on. Here's like a slice of what I remember- "Even if the day is saved, and the couples kiss before the credit's list there will be more than a lifetime of death" something something, imagery of a film ending and unspooling.

And The Breeders' I Just Wanna Get Along, at all times forever before venturing out of the house into people and crowds.

I wanted and still want to pick up copies of Sung Tongs, Elephant Eyelash, the Tago Mago remaster for cheap but for cheap is a shifting scale of a phrase. I bought Mouse On Mars' Idiology, the Black Eyes s/t album, and a used copy of The Argument by Fugazi. This is by no means enough.

And if I can get a copy of V. I'd be happy with that turn of events.

I've got this book I'm writing and if I could pound out the chapters I'm working on now before returning to Olympia I would be very happy indeed. I don't know if that'll happen though.

Alternately, I am trying to think of Rupert Murdoch Must Die blogs. The Philly kids almost make me want to take that bullshit site more seriously but I'm keeping up my dedication to jokes.

I've got new shoes and probably should've followed up on that haircut bit, I don't know.

There's a good feeling in the air, I think. Optimism. Got this digital camera and a brain full of ideas. I have a home for the next six months. I am holding out hope for adventures.

Oh- my brother bought my mom a copy of the latest Decemberists record for Christmas. I hope she likes it for the sake of punchline-ease.

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